Guess my 1620 is OK?

I’ve had some trouble getting a good burn so far with my 1620, but I guess I attribute it to crappy media. I bought some Sony disks at Staples yesterday, they had a 50 pack for $19.99. I did my first burn this morning. Compared to the crappy disk, the Sony seems OK. What do you think–any comments or words of wisdom. Burned with Nero 6.3

SKC is certainly pretty crappy media - I’d stay away from it. Your Sony scan looks very acceptable! :smiley: You could also upgrade firmware to B7T9 or B7S9. B7S9 is apparently better for lower-grade media but B7T9 really, for me, improved the quality of DVD-R/+R writing. I am really liking the Philips P3.0 firmware just released after using it on 3 different media and 3 different burns. Very good quality rights so far and I’m impressed with it. Although cross-flashing to Philips would void your warranty (mine is a refurbished drive so I could care less about the warranty, lol) so I’d recommend bumping up to B7T9. :slight_smile:

Braxas: Thanks for the reply. My warranty is already shot because I have an OEM 1620 that came with G7C9 firmware. Have read varying reports on the upgrade to B7T9. Probably stay with what I have if the disk reads OK on my JVC DVD player. I will keep an eye on that Phillips FW update and see how that works. As far as I can tell, if the FW update doesn’t work that well, you should be able to flash back to what does???

What had me worried about the Sony disk was I scanned it with Qscan before burning and it failed miserably at 8X and 12X. I’m hoping that Qscan is not a very dependable piece of software to check blank disks or else it doesn’t do well with certain brands. So much software to check blank and burned disks it’s hard to know which one is giving the “best” information. Looks like most people on this forum use the Nero CD/DVD and this showed a pretty good burn with my Sony disk–we’ll see!!