Gtr Fia Help Please!

Could somebody tell me step by step how to get GTR fia to work? I made a backup and a mini image file, but now Im stuck. I clicked disable drives in Star Fvck, and I mounted my mini image with Daemon Tools, but it still doesnt work. :bow:

Well, star fck doesn’t work anymore with the new version of starforce. You need the latest version of starforce nightmare, available here:

And then…

Running it:

  • mount the full image and install

  • run the game and reboot when asked

  • run starforce nightmare and choose to :

    1. turn OFF all your CD or DVD drives by pressing “Pr.Master Off”
      and/or “Pr.Slave Off” and/or Sc.Master Off" and/or Sc.Slave Off"


2. Disable node
  • mount the mini-image in demon-tools or alcohol 120%
  • run the game
  • use your serial when asked
  • wait a few seconds and finally play the game !!!

This wont work for me? :frowning:

this is not working for me either.

Made mini image, mounted it
Did all things you wrote, Starforce nightmare
then, I was asked for serial number
checking discs/ after a few minutes I got a message- serial number does not correspond to the data on the disc

  1. install the full game
  2. Donot run the game
  3. Remove daemon tools if installed
  4. Mount the GTR Fia racing mini image using Alcohol 120% (Removed - Portmac>
  5. Disable the CDROM , Node , Disable CH2(if ur cdrom is in secondary slave) using starforce nightmare
  6. Goto hardware->device manager->DVD/CD roms (u must not see any cd drive activated except Generic cdrom device)
  7. type regedit in startmenu & navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\SYSTEM\
  8. in one the 3 keys i.e 0000,0001,0003 u must search for (DeviceDesc:PnP BIOS Extension)
  9. if the key is 0003 then right click the key & select permissions. In group name select SYSTEM
  10. check READ option to deny & click apply
  11. Run GTR.exe . Let GTR install copyprotection software & then reboot.
  12. After rebooting again disable cd-rom.
  13. Click on GTR.exe it will ask for serial enter it & game will run
  14. Enjoy!

Note: Every time u want to play the game u have to disable the cdrom using STARFORCE NIGHTMARE

please help me i get a message saying insert the fia gtr disk into another drive and try again