Ok here’s what I know…I got a Lite-On 24x10x40 CD-RW…the GTAIII installtion disc has no anti-burn security…I did AWS (amplify weak sectors) and did fast error skip (hardware)…Read SubChannel data…read CD at 40x burn CD at 24x…what I found out is I could run the game through my Hitachi 8x DVD-ROM and it would work…the game has one CD check before starting and one before it loads the games main menu…the DVD-ROM got past both…the CD-RW couldn’t start up the game it said “Please Insert Disc” but when I did Hide CD-R media with Clone CD 4 and put the play disc in the CD-RW it got past both burn guards…what it all comes down to is how good your burner can amplify weak sectors…if you wanna use Bet Blocker be my guest nothing wrong with that…the play disc has 10,022 weak sectors…Enoy !
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I don’t understand why you would need to use AWS with your lite-on. I have made a working back up of GTA3 useing nothing more than fasterror skip retries set to “0”

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…the GTAIII installtion disc has no anti-burn security…
Nope, from what other cdfreaks visitors have stated several times it has SD3 ([edit]SD2.51[/edit] according to safedisk analyser). No other reason why you would end up with 10000 or so weak sectors …

…I did AWS (amplify weak sectors)…
Again AWS with Lite-Ons is a big no-no (as NoxCyber said) since the lite-on drives are capable of correct EFM and AWS would just spoile the correct image it already creates.

Maybe you were just lucky :wink:
Still there are also other people reporting of making working back-ups with lite-ons and aws on. Maybe you should visit the lite-on forum to check things out :wink:

My copy of GTA3 uses plain old SafeDisc 2.51.021. Also both discs are reported by ClonyXXL v2.0.0.6 as having the SafeDisc 2.51 protection… I’ll have to look into this some more to confirm it though. Here’s a screenshot of SafeDisc Analyser and GTA3.exe:

And indeed: AWS with a Lite-On drive equals coaster :wink: