I have try to read the GTA3 disk 1 for many times using CLONE CD V4 however it always stop at 99%.

Does anyone know what is going on ?
I have tried the safedisk profile and i am using a CRX185E3.



No probs for me with it…

But u can try isobuster and then copy all the filez to your hd and then copy them on a cd…


Isn’t disk 1 the install disk? If it is, that one doesn’t have any protection on it. If it’s disk 2 then it has the safe disk protection. So you really don’t need any setting on the first disk…



Both cds are sd2 protected. However, once installed, you’ll only need a working back-up of disc 2 to play.


I don’t know what I was thinking, you’re right they both have safe disk protection, the only one that gave me alot of trouble was the play disk…

My Fault