CAN someone help!. I have a LG CED-8080B. Accroding to the cloncd website it does not support correct EMF encoding and only writes in sao mode. Yet i have successfully copied GTA disc2 with clone cd onto a CDRWable disc. Is there some sort of delayed interruption where you can play the game for a while but then it stops? According to all the threads this should have not been possible!

the reading and recording of GTA 3 (or any sd2.51 protected game) will work with almost any cd writer in terms of getting the ‘writing finished’ message.

however, these games wont actually work because because the sd 2.51 protection kicks in when trying to play, and the game wont boot.

have u tried playing of the copy?

I’ve been playing off the copy for 1/2 an hour!

and then?

If you runs it under windows XP you’ll have to install the patch for it (not installed with automatical updates)

go and visit If you are running a different OS let us know

could you post a direct link for the patch?

I’ve been playing it for hours no problem. Somehow, my LG 8080b can handel copying SD2.5… even though CloneCD says I can only write in sao and my drive does not use correct emf encoding!