Hi. I have a cyberdrive CW038D. I want to back up GTA3 but I do not know which options on cloneCD4 I have to use/not use. I see on the clonecd webpage that my cdrw drive does not support correct emf recording. I have checked all the other threads relating to gta3 but i have not been able to find the answers to my questions. please tell me how i can make a gta3 backup on this drive.

use the search function…there is much info about backing up GTA3

Please give me the specifics on how to clone gta3, as none of the other threads tell me how to clone it.

use the game option.

and install from your cdrw with "hide media"enabled

you can use clony, don’t know the link, but when you use the search option you will find something about it…

Can someone explain why emf encoding is so important for safedisc 2.51 games such as gta. My recorder does not support correct emf encoding. Will this mean I can not make a backup of GTA3?

SafeDisc 2.51 protection exploits the fact that most writers don’t do proper EFM encoding… If you don’t have the right writer, you could try if ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ in CloneCD works for you.