now, every1 knows this is a kick a$$ game. I am impatiently awating the release of it for the pc on may 21st. now in order to insure that my game will not get ruined, i am going to make a backup copy of it as soon as i buy it. Does anyone know what kind of copy protection this will have. I'm guessing a new version of safedisc.


well i aint sure but it will probably be some sort of safe disk v2 type thing.


Please enlighten me. What is gta ?


gta = Grand Theft Auto if I’m not mistaking :slight_smile:
A computer game where you have to climb to the top as a criminal who steels cars, bombs buildings,…

No idea what protection it’ll use; what difference does it make? You’ll still have to wait until you get it before you can backup it :slight_smile:


Until it’s released , it’s a myth (Sorta like the new Duke Nukem)


Well, don’t our dear friends in Myth and Class have “insiders?”

Most of the time I see games released on the net before in the stores! Correct me if I’m wrong…


when does it come out on pc?


it just did