GTA3 Cd2 Radio files

Hey guys.

I just LOVE the radio’s in GTA3…mainly the chatterbox & kJah. So what I want to do is to put them in cd and listen to it in my car cd player. But I can’t. I tired NERO(from WAV to .CDDA) and Xing Audio catlyst(from WAV to mp3)…but I got an error msg PCM wav file not supported. I found that it’s IMA ADPCM 32.000kHz, 4 bit Stereo.

So now my question is how do I make a music cd out of those WAV files ? Please help. Thanks in advance.


i managed to extract the chatterbox to wav then convert to mp3.

I used a program called CDex, its available here:

I can’t confirm this link 100% because the school has the site blocke dand says its porn. Not likely

Anyway select the file on the cd and rip to wav. Simple as that, let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll mess with it and give another solution.

Thank you very much kwkard! Now I’m going in a little road trip with the chatterbox, kjah & lips radiostations playing in my car :bigsmile:

Thanks again :cool:

Winamp can play them , and winamp comes with a diskwriter plugin :slight_smile:

pets overnight dot com …

Hey Shams don’t forget that all the stations don’t fit on one CD so it would be wise to but Chatterbox onto a seprate cd while all the others are on another CD :smiley: