GTA2 For Free!

Rockstar North let us know that GTA2 (1999), their clasical action game, with neverending massacre of the native population, is now available as free download. Simply visit to fill out the form and pull down the zip (353MB) which includes install .exe, readme .txt file, and a .pdf of the original PC game manual) Word is: “This version of GTA2 is modified from its original version to enable support for modern PC’s and current Microsoft Windows platforms. However, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that GTA2 will work correctly on your PC. Download, Installation and execution of this software is entirely at your own risk.”


  • John :slight_smile:

“…however much I hate the RIAA/MPAA/BSA, it doesnt justify stealing from them…”

If you don’t steal, why do you hate them?

I hate them 'coz they act like they are really poor, helpless people desperate for money, when they are actually very rich, I feel things like taking 12 year olds to court where out of order, but I feel that the way they behave never excuses stealing from them.

Ben :slight_smile:

Hah! Got you there John! :bigsmile:
This game isnt freeware btw, so when Rockstar pulls it off their server it dissapears (cough, well thats how it would be in the RIAA’s perfect world).

Now I remember I have this game. Man that was a looooong time ago. I feel old.

Ahhh crap!
Guess I will give up this whole “I am John from Texas” thing.
I am called Ben, just wanted to see if anybody noticed :wink:

Can’t get the download…site is too busy. :frowning:

I have tried MANY times to download this and it just won’t work. Too much “traffic.”

i wonder if anyone managed to get this i have also tried many times right from when it was first posted.

hey jlindley love the quote in your sig :smiley: , as a 40 something i grew up when pacman was high tec, so i can blame that for my troubled clubin years :bigsmile:

Seems to work (finaly) :slight_smile:

bingo worked first time now :slight_smile: