GTA : Vice City



GTA : Vice City; i am so excited, are u? :):):):):):smiley: :bigsmile:


Sucks that they’re exclusivelyt developing for the PS2 till 2004.


yeah; very harsh for those without a PS2 :frowning:


thats what they did with GTA3 as well, practically :wink:


“Exclusive” is a relative term…often it seems companies can get away with releasing an “exclusive” game on another system by just changing a couple of things and putting “Gold” at the end of the title.


8 'no’s - wtf!


It will be ported… I’m sure, if only to squeese some more $ out of it…



F*cked up!!! :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z


Man, have you guys played GTA3 for the PC? It looks like SHIT if you have a bad vid card (TNT2), i want to try it again when i get my GF3 Ti500, but until that i got to play it at other ppls houses cause its so bad on my card


search dude…


well… dont i just feel stupid.


im pretty much over GTA3.

Tetris is back !!!


yeah, that happened to be my thread, but i now have a GF3 ti200 and it runs much better :slight_smile:

Apparently the new GTA will be set in the '80s…i am not sure what to think about that :confused: