GTA Vice City Australian Version Which Disc Has the Protection



Sorry philamber, for not stating on previous post giving you credit for the great tutorial ,but just a couple of things that I get a bit confused with is which disc to do the BWA builder and twinpeak patching. As you stated that the protection would be on the Play Disc and you can copy the install disk with any burning software, with GTA Vice City, Clony v says that the Install disc has Securom v and the Play disc says bad sectors at 336519/336523 or no protection or unknown. On the Install disc it has the, gta-vc.exe file, total 12 files. Play disc has 1x Audio Folder (656mb), 1x file (1kb). I have tried copying games which I can get to work on My computer, but they wont work on my son’s computer. Sorry if this sounds a dumb post but i am a little confused as to which way to go to do a copy. Any help from anyone would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks, Dave.

Dad’s Rig :P4 2.4 MSI Mobo
:80 gb Seagate 7200
:512mb 2100
:LiteOn LTR-52246S
:LiteOn XJ-HD166S

Son’s Rig :AMD 2600+ Epox Mobo
:40 gb Samsung Barrucooda 7200
:512mb 2700
:Liteon LTR 40125s
:Pioneer DVD 117


The play disc (and Davo, please just post your questions once. Cross-posting is against the forum rules and irritates the hell out of everyone anyway).