GTA san andreas ps2 burn problem

I recently got an .iso gta san andreas but wen i try to burn it using alcohol or nero or even cd mate it tells me that there are forein image settings needed.
So now i need to adjust the mode(1or2), block size,image header size,image trailer size,and if it is scrambled or swapped image???

Does anyone the right settings for this so that i can happily burn it on a dvd? :confused:

the image size is 1.5 GB and and im gona burn it on an tdk dvd+r 4x

Also undisker or isobuster cant open the format of this .iso image because it’s a dvd image?

first time to burn ps2 dvd so plz help me if u can, thnx in advance :slight_smile:

this thread should be closed. warez talk…

Well, I’m not going to give you any direction here, but I gotta say one thing. You say the image file is only 1.5 gb, that is TINY!! The official GTA San Andreas image size is 4.19 GB, so you got a fake file.

P.S. Never Say you downloaded the game from the internet on any forum, that will get you warned most of the time or maybe even banned from that forum!!