GTA 3, is burnable... Same with SOF2:DH

I haven’t run into any problems with my 32x Lite-On, and Clone CD v3.x. Made 14 great copies. Then did SOF2. Same thing.

14 great copies???
um isn’t that abit much?
thought ur only allowed to make 1 backup copy if u own the original?

I guess it depends where you live! :smiley:

HI, Cindows XP

I have the same lite-On. Could yousay me wihch firmware are you using?

Thanks a lot.

(I´m newbie, so if you could tell me the write settings with cloneCD 4, i´d be very plased)

lol, 14 copies. I belive GTA3 uses normal SafeDisc1/2 protection while SOF2 only uses CD-Check(?).

what about the newest ver. of clonecd. with that copy the games as well or only ver. 3.x

what ver. of firmware are you using also.


I will get my firmware number for ya tonight, but any ways my setting for clone cd v are, I used the Finnish regional settings to install with, read speed at 1x (no higher or else you get copies that require cracks), fast error skip, Read subchannel data from both audio and data tracks, and my fast error skip settings are set at hardware w/ no retries. Write mode is 1x burn, Raw Sub and Sao, and I have burn proof/just link on.

I will get the firmware number tonight. And naw, 14 copies ain’t too many, can never have too many GTA games lying around.

forgot to ask you one more thing, what are you using to read the cd. Are you using the burner or a regular cd rom???


I just bought GTA3 and both discs seem to use SafeDisc version 2.51.021. This is the same version as found on MoH and Serious Sam 2. Nothing special it seems…

sombody please corroborate this ^^

an experienced user preferebly, i would check myself but i can’t yet afford the game

There is no safe disc 3, so he is right there. Or at least I haven’t found one… I used both my burner and DVD drive to see if I could read from it, both worked fine. I have 5 other systems I can try it on if needed, I have plextor, a-open, creative and a few off brands. he is right nothing special, but if you don’t want to have to crack it, my way works great.

thx for the visual G@M3FR3@K. The truth is now out.

@ G@M3FR3@K
how can the proggy see which version protection it is if the protection (revision) was made after the program. Is it written somewhere in the .exe file?

(take no offence at the large font - just wanted some attention to an overlooked post ;))

But 2.51.021 is the version that’s supposed to kill 1 sheep burners, is it not?

Then how come I can make a working copy with my Plexie R820?

plex burners have built a reputation of sometimes being able to backup SD 2.51.xx if the copy is played in the plex ie: not in CDroms. i think it is the only ‘1 sheep’ burner that can make sd 2.51 backups in this way.

my plex 12/10/32a with firmware 1.7 makes partial copies but they only work in my pc this is using clonyxxl the clonecd4 (only when hide cdr media is ticked):rolleyes:

Sorry that I didn’t include this info - The CD is playable on my Tosh. 1502, therefore this isn’t just a partial copy… It works outside of my burner.

that is [b]very[/b] strange. mamke a thread @ the plex forum and see if other people have had such sucess. i am sure most people cant kill 2.51 with a plex :confused:

i thought it was established plex’s could burn 2.51 with AWS…

I burned both GTA3 discs perfectly, down to the last byte of data, and I can install the game with the burned install disc but when I try to play the damn game, it shows the rockstar logo and freezes. What the FUCK is up?