GTA 3 for PS2 - Black screen problem!

Hi guys,

does anyone have GTA3 for PS2 to work?
I have the Kalisto rip, and the But after the intro movie, I get a black screen and no go. :frowning:

I have AR2 1.6 [no-mod PS2]

can anyone help me?



Whoa, Kalisto rip? I’m surprised that someone’s been able to copy that game since its over 3 gigs original!

Anyway, I don’t have an answer:o

Yeah, I know

but half of the files in FAKE!
The game is only 600 MB



No mod ps2??? but anyway the rip works fine on ar2 with neo2.
In there NFO stand somthing about freezing :

There’s a chance that the real time cutscene after the first major loading in the game might freeze if you abort it. So just sit back and watch it through. But this seems random, and it doesn’t happen all the time.

Think thats the problem.

Hi, could someone please post hwere they got the kalisto rip for gta3,