GTA 3 Disc 2 Clone CD doese'nt work after applying v1.1 update & Myth crack




I have the Grand.Theft.Auto.3.CD2.CloneCD-FTFiSO release which worked fine. I updated to GTA3 v1.1 with the official patch and replaced the exe with Grand.Theft.Auto.3.Update.v1.1.Cracked-MYTH. Now when I start GTA 3, it always asks for disc 2 which is in my LiteOn 32123S XS0X drive and will not start. I also have 'Hide cdr media' checked in the CloneCDTray.exe. Has anyone been able to apply patch 1.1?


Uh…Cdfreaks don’t support illegal software. Please don’t post about anything illegal…Thanx


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Thank you frubsen - Van warned via PM & thread closed

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