GTA 3 .bin help please

Hi, I have 2 bin files of gta 3 and no clue files, what prog should i use and any settings?


I dont ask why you have a .bin / .cue

probably because you want to make a perfect back-up cd… :cool:

well, I recommend nero burning rom.
the latest version.

it speaks for itself.

good luck with making a perfect copy, and dont forget to put the original version in the save.

note: 1 .bin / .cue is for the game data ; the other is for the radio stations. You need both cd’s to play. or you use no-cd cracks. That is legal if you own the original version. Browse to for no-cd cracks. But be sure you have the original version. without that, it wont work. truely!:cool:

I’m sure you aquired these files totally legally… :wink:

Anyway, I’m moving this thread to general software questions.

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or you use no-cd cracks. That is legal if you own the original version.

Foei Totibbs! You should know that no-cd cracks are not legal, even when you do own the orginal…


You can also extract the images using any program like ISOBuster or whatever turns up when you use the search, and then burn it using a program like Nero (you can even use EZCD if you want)

if you mean you have no cue files but you have bin you can use cue maker it’s a nice prog you just load your bin file and it makes a cue file for you can get here,39000587,39015678s,00.htm

You can use Nero to burn the bin file. Just open Nero and goto File -> Burn image…
Then select that you want to see all filetypes and lookup the bin. If you try to load it you need to give the blocksize. It’s probably 2352. This info should be in the cue file but since you don’t have that one. :smiley:

Sure… It’s a LEGAL copy, that’s why the cue files just disappeared misteriously. lol, :slight_smile: One cd is 250 megs and the other is 750, is this normal, should i just burn anyways, will it allow me to burn.? Thanks…

Foei Totibbs! You should know that no-cd cracks are not legal, even when you do own the orginal…

depends on which country you live in

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depends on which country you live in [/B]

In which country are they legal? Certainly not here in oz.:cop:

the first cd, is the install cd and that one worked perfectly, the second is the audio cd and didn’t work at all. Should i have changed the settings? I used 2352 and mode 1 for both…

The Safedisc 2.51 Beat your ass. Nero can’t burn it properly, and whoever made those disc images didn’t take the proper measures to defeat that protection. And since that’s impossible or next to impossible to do with Nero and a Non-EFM compatible burner (which i’m assuming you have), you’ll have to get a cracked .exe, which is illegal. Gamecopyworld will have one, but since it’s illegal, don’t go to that link, throw out your cd’s, and buy the frigging game. It’s worth it.

The law here in Norway states that everyone owning copyrighted material are allowed to make one safety backup of it, for personal purposes.

actually, the problem is with deviance’s release. but i didnt say that.

You are right ckin2001

That release is made to work with the patch. Also, you can not resume saved games with that release.

GTA3 has very new and good copy protection on it so even if ur trying to make a backup CD u wont be able to do it using the normal software such as Nero or Even CLoneCD (the standard one). It mite work if ur lucky but it depends on ur CD Burner.

If u wanna make a backup CD that will work then u need to do this:
Download Daemon tools 3.11

start clonyxxl with the GTA3 INstall CD in the drive. some of it may be in German but if u click on ScanCD and then once it makes a loud noise u then click on Start CLoneCD and that opens then u make an image somewhere. They are big so have plenty of space handy!!make images of each CD in differetent directorys. Each should end up with 3 files in one of which is the image and it will be 750mb ish! so u cant burn it straight to CD unless u have some 800mb ones!But u can ZIp them up or RAR them! of both if u donjt mind waiting the huge time it takes!! and then they will fit on CD (possibly one if u zip then use winrar too) and voila u have a back up that will work!! so how do u use it if u roll over ur GTA3 CD with ur wheely chair?? well install deamon tools and this allows u too use an image file and mount it as a virtual CDRom Drive!To use like this u need the the 3 files uncompressed somewhere with plenty of space for both CDs. Right click on the daemon icon in the taskbar and mount INstall image file and then look in mycomputer and theres a new drive and u can install GTA3. ONce done then unmount the drive by the option in the deamon tools menu and then u can delete the 3 files made from imaging the install disk!!(make u have them on CD though!) then repeat by mounting the PLay CD but use this each time u play!leave it mounted and dont delete its files! then u can play GTA3!!excellent as no cracks are needed

as the very asute of may have nopticed that u could borrow a friends CDs of something to do this. I beleive that the bin files may well be useless as they will probably have copied the protectioin as well.Try the above to make ur legal single back up!!!


thanks for trying to help :smiley:

of course the bins dont have the protection. they dont get to be a major release group by not removing the protection. but we arent here to discuss the specifics of that. also, you can save games with the repack ;), not that the game is worth playing on a pc anyways, its a pretty sh*tty port.

Acually near the back of the manuel (where the tiny writing is) of GTA3 it says owning a copy on your HD and keeping the original cd as a backup is permited. How could you use the real cd as a backup when you have to use it to play the game?