GT50N forcing reflash / tool?

Have been searching for a tool that will let me reflash GT50N so I can apply an MCSE patched firmware?

Flasher doesn’t work as I think GT50N is not Renesas but possibly Mediatek drive so I’ve seen discussions of MTKFlash or MTKWinFlash but all links to the tool appear to be broken.

Have also read through the DOSFlash discussions but that only mentions BH/WH/UHD Friendly drives so not sure if that would apply to LG drives in particular?

I do have the original fw exe file but as I am currently on the same fw version it won’t run as it sees I’m already on the fw.
I do have the MCSE patched main and core bin files so in need of a tool that will let me flash regardless of fw version if the same.

Thanks in advance!