GT4 (Gran Turismo 4) Drift Videos

Ok, here’s my first drift video.

Here’s my 2nd drift video, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R

3rd: HPA (Golf) R32 Drifting at Autumn Ring.

HPA R32 Remix

NSX at Tsukuba

NSX at Tsukuba (Short version)

Twin MR-2 Drift

MR2 vs AE86

GT-R (Pace Car) vs. 300C

Another video!
And I want my very own pacecar.

Cool, very nice video.

Are these videos taken of your tv with a camera? The drifting looks like fun. Wish I could do that in my car - ie. and not have to worry about the money for replacing tires. :slight_smile:

The first two videos are recorded with my webcam, after that I got a video capture device, so they are recorded that way (much better quality).

My first drift video of 2006. My first shot at FF drifting, probably not very good, still, hope you like it.

Eclipse Drift

Le Mans Drift Battle

Maybe i should post some Ridge Racer 6 movies… Endless drifting :slight_smile:

Post it, I’d love to see it. :cool:

I’ve uploaded a Ridge Racer 6 race to Google Video but it takes time to have them approve the video. I’ll post the URL here when it’s available

Ahaa, Google Video approved the video!

Click here to view it.

Cool vid. Man I wish GT4 can drift like that, and it looks like the nitrous adds so much hp.

Skyline Apricot Hill Time Attack