GSpot 2.5.040728 Beta 8 codec identification utility

I just posted the article GSpot 2.5.040728 Beta 8 codec identification utility.

 jellybelly used our    news submit  to tell us  about Gspot. The folks at Gspot call this a "codec information appliance" The  utility will identify which video codec and audio compression...
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Anyone use this? Better than avicodec?

I use it a lot as it gives a lot of info (not just codecs) about any AVI you load, such as size, ratio, FPS etc… It’s non intrusive on your system (i.e. it dosn’t put loads of DLL’s everywhere) and will render the AVI to check that the reported codec will actually render the file (that one has got me before now). Give it a try, well worth a go.

Great tool! A must have!

I’ve never been able to find it.