GSM prepaid card recharging kit

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Some hacker managed to create a prog that can generate codes to recharge prepraid handy cards without paying for them. Nice…

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Wow, very nice.
But it’ll probably won’t work anymore within a couple of months. GSM providers will just make another security, right? So there goes your 850$!

If I understand it right, the SIM card is used to add credits…isn’t this bullshit. I always thought that your call credits were stored on the server of the phoneprovider…and not on the SIM.

This also explains why the price of the device is going up in July…order now, get f*cked later.

PAYMENT TRUE Western Union

so you send your money but you don"t know where you send it
please don’t belive this

everyone that works with Western Union are fuckers
those guys are rippers and please don’t belive this shit

Don’t believe it! It’s an other way to make a profit of you. The provider blocks this in a second, just wait!!!

The Prepaid system that we have here in Holland can not be hacked. Simply because all the codes are generated at the telephonecompany computer. these numbers are all registered beforehand, and are activated when you buy the card, call the central computer and send it the cardnumber. It checks if the card is valid and gives you your money. I don’t think this machine here can hack the main computer of the telephone company ?

What a load of crap this ‘device’ is. They say that it works with Oz carriers Telstra and Optus… Bulls*it.
Both are set up the same as the system in holland (I used to work for one of them!), the sim contains nothing that can give you free calls.
Check out the crap they are trying to sell on the web site ! Rip off !

May bee it calling the number
for entering the credit numbers and generating the numbers
but there are 14 number the system check alway how much a code is entered on the phone number if it’s more then then the get a signal from the system that what my dad told to me he is directeur from Ben Holland Den Haag

What a croock off shit …

simply can’t belive it

Why dont we but one together? If we buy one with e.g 25 people, you pay all a little amount, and IF it works, we can recharge all our cards, and if it does not works, we lost our money together, and it better to loose a few dollars that almost 900 USD at once!

Let me know what you think of it !



This is bullshit. It says you reprogram your sim, but the table with the beltegoed is hosted on the service providers computers, not on the chip.

Ok people, we want to make something clear, this device will not work. All the numbers are generated on a remote computer. They can’t be hacked. We from Ben want to warn our clients for this kind off devices. Regeneration of codes is simply impossible.

Greetings, Ben Holland BV

For mobile phones u can actually get a chip that recharges your phone whenever u turn it off… Just thought I’d tell u all…

Metallica is against the illegal re-charging of GSM phones. Our lawyers are going to sue the people behind this.

Rock on Metallica fans!!!

OK folks…this is a scam. I work form OMNIPOINT which is now Voicestream. The prepay minutes or “dollars” are stored on a server called the SCP. The SIM card does not store ANYTHING monetary.

Phonenumbers maybe

Their GUI does look a lot like the Compernic search program
check it out
and se for yourself

I looked at the website, besides KPN ‘Hi’ it also says KPN ‘Chip’, what on earth is THAT?!?


The GSM providers will try anything. They are trying to debunk this device because they don´t want to lose millions of dollars. They even went on the news to tell people it doesn´t work but so did the inventor and he proved it worked. Tell me this, if it doesn´t work, than why are the providers trying to get a court order preventing the sale of the device? A device that doesn´t work? I don´t think so. The device does not charge credits as such, but it uses a process called “Algorithm Triangulation” to effect free calls. The GSM providers are helpless and they know it, it will cost them billions to fix it.