GSC003 Media -> What's the best write strategy?

Perhaps this have been mentioned but I search and did not find. I’m a new owner of the BenQ 1620 and been a NEC 3500AG fan. I would not have an opportunity to go to BenQ until recently when I needed another burner. After reviewing the BenQ 1620, I must say I was really thrilled. The support is as good as the NEC forum and decided I go with BenQ. I’m new at MCSE and find that this tool is an excellent combo with the BenQ. I recently purchased about 200 GSC003 and noticed in MCSE that the max setting is 8x. Anyone experience with this media and made changed the write strategy? If so, what’s your experience and the best write strategy? TIA…Jerry

Hmmm…These GSC003 came from Newegg. They are the Legacy 8x DVD-R media. I had the Legacy 4x DVD-R which burned at 8x so I decided to get the 8x in hoping they would burn much faster. Tweaking with MCSE, I was able to change the write strategy using OPTODISC016. I was able to burn successfully at 12x and 16x. The 16x actually burn slower than 12x…go figure! 12x burned in 5mins 32sec and 16x burned in 7mins 25sec,

The fastest burn seen here on a Benq 1620 with disabled WOPC @16x is 5.19 or 5.20, so I have some doubts on a 12x burn done in 5.32 :).