GSA4167b making me crazy help please =/

Well I’ve been to lots of forums and to the other thread on this forum as well about audio cd recording problems with this dvd burner and I still wasn’t able to fix it… I’m using nero 7 with the older dlls so i won’t get skipping and stuff i also burn at disc at once /96 and i’m using dl13 firmware… and still my hi fi system won’t recognize the cds i burn, lets say 1 out of 100 attempts in playing the cd the cd actually is recognized and play… i can’t skip tracks because it stops playing and instantly jumps to the next cd as if there was no cd on that slot…
I’m burning @ slowest speeds (4x) and on high quality media… when i play the cd on the drive it works just fine and any other cds and dvds also work on the drive normaly… i dont know what to do anymore anyone has any idea on how to fix this once and for all? thanks in advance

i forgot to say when i put it in my stereo sometimes it pretends its going to start to play the cd and then it makes something like a “clicking” sound…

try nero or update ur nero 7

For Audio CDs I’d use Burrrn ( and burn quality media (Verbatim) at 16x. This free simple app has solved many such user problems previously.

Ima try those i’ll post the results later

I tried using the burrrn utility but unfortunatly there was no improvement…
I am running the lastest version of Nero as well and I’ve also tried the v6 one…
Has anyone got any other ideas??


Bottom line is that your LG 4167 isn’t a very good CD-R writer (but - is a most excellent DVD writer) - compared to the LiteOns and BenQ’s - so the software is not your problem - your LG burner is-eh!

I don’t have this problem with audio cds burned by the 4167B. You said you used quality media. What discs were those exactly?

Try with buffalo firmware - maybe this will help.

I use HP media it’s always been reliable to me…
I’m sorry but what is buffalo’s firmware??


See my CD-R results here:

Sorry if I misled anyone-eh!

LG DVD Writer FAQ. See Q6, Q21 and Q22.

My LG 4167B (in an external ProLific chipset USB case) does not burn Audio CDs either.

Only firmware DL13 tested and Nero

I gave up trying and use my BenQ DW1640 to burn Audio CDs

This isn’t a problem with the drive being faulty. This is something different altogether. LG writers do not work well in external cases and not being able to burn audio in an external case with a Prolific chipset is one of the known symptoms. You may be able to get it to work (although it can be quite troublesome) : (post #13 onwards)

well can you tell me how to get it to work then? =/

Is your drive also in an external case? If so the information in the two links will tell you how. If not, I’m not sure what the problem is.