GSA4164 writes better than GSA-4163 based on HK Magazine

Based on E-zone a HK computer magazine. 4164 writes 60% less PIE,PIF errors. I can wait to buy 4164 and throw away my Benq 1620PRO

Good luck, if you believed this magazine.

We are waiting for 4167…
You are a little bit out of time ;).

I just got the 4164 but not installed it yet.

I hear something about that the 4164 is not an official LG drive or it do not has DVD-RAM…

any ideas? should I return it and get a 4163?

Test it yourself. Since 4164 isn’t even reviewed by and there is a reason for that.

And it lasts too looooooooong!! :a I want it!! :bigsmile:

The busiest links about GSA-4167B:,GGLG:2005-25,GGLG:en&q=GSA-4167B

Are all German, close to your place. 74.34 Euro 79.80 Euro