GSA4163B and Bitsetting

Purchased one of these machines yesterday based on it’s price and performance. Was going to get a Pioneer 110 but the bitsetting convinced me to get the LG.

Cannot change the bitsetting in either CD-DVD Speed or CDInfoPro but I can change the bitsetting through Nero Burnin Rom Recorder\ChooseRecorder\Options and it burns correctly as a DVD-ROM.

Why doesn’t CD-DVD Speed or CDInfoPro work?

Also after burning the disk I was unable to close Nero Burning Rom down. I had to reset the computer. I have the 4163B as set as Master on an ST Labs PCI ATA133 IDE Expansion Card.

Lots of optical drives are flakey on IDE cards so I would first try it on the MB IDE to see if that is the problem.

LG needs to be set every time it boots to get ROM on the +R discs. Dig around in the forum here and you can probably find a tool one user wrote to set the drive with a batch file, as well as other options. My guess as to CDSpeed is that it is not a supported drive.

Strange as it may seem, today I looked at CD-DVD Speed and it works with the 4163B.

DVDInfoPro also seems OK today.

Very strange!!!