GSA4160B - Firmware Problems



Ive been having problems reading data from a game disc so i decided to upgrade the firmware on my LG GSA4160B DVD Burner. I was running A300 firmware, so i flashed it to the latest A303 firmware downloaded from LG’s website.

Everything was working fine till i updated the firmware :confused:

Now when i play a DVD movie all the audio is corrupt, i can hear it but the quality is really poor, scratchy and seems to fade in and out.

It seems overall performance has been affected aswell, 40 odd minutes to burn a DVD that normally takes half that time or less. Also whilst burning the buffer level was dropping to below 50 when normally it flashes between the 90’s.

I followed all the instructions for updating the firmware.

I checked for DMA mode and it sez:

Device 0 - Auto Detect, DMA if available (I changed this from PIO when i checked it) , current transfer mode - PIO mode :confused:

I have another DVD ROM: Device 1, same as above except transfer mode is Ultra DMA mode 4.

In my motherboard BIOS (Asus P4G8X Deluxe) i dont think its picking up the drive now, it only lists my DVD Burner in the boot from section. Under Primary and secondary IDE it lists my two harddrives and my DVDRom, but on the secondary IDE master which is what the drive is on, it has nothing listed, although windows picks it up fine :confused:

Do i need to flash the drive back to previous firmware, if so can someone provide a link i cant find any old firmware on LG’s site, at this point id take my A300 firmware back and be more than happy if it performs the way it used to … Any help guys? :confused: :doh:

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Just tring to find out if theres things i need to do on my system after updating the firmware, if not then my firmware version is messed so id need an official firmware file to flash it back (If thats possible), not looking to change my region or anything else m8.


I do not think the L.G. firmware will let you flash back to an older firmware, I might be wrong, because I know that Liteons cannot be flashed back to older firmwares. When flashing I would disconnect the other drives from your ide cable so that the only drive on the cable is the one you are flashing.


Yup did that, like i said i followed the instructions properly.


So your burner is running in PIO mode ? Have powered off your PC ? If this does not help, assuming you use XP, remove the IDE port your burner is connected to in the device manager and reboot. If this does not help are you using stock Microsoft IDE drivers ?