GSA4160B - Firmware Audio Problems

Ive been having problems reading data from a game disc so i decided to upgrade the firmware on my LG GSA4160B DVD Burner. I was running A300 / Flashed successfully to A303.

Everything was working fine till i updated the firmware :frowning:

When i play a DVD movie now all the audio is corrupt, i can hear it but the quality is really poor, scratchy and seems to fade in and out.

Id appreciate any help here, trying to fix one problem caused another i could really do without since it didnt fix my original problem either :doh:

It seems overall performance has been affected aswell, 40 odd minutes to burn a DVD that normally takes half that time or less. Also whilst burning the buffer level was dropping to below 50 when normally it flashes between the 90’s.

I followed all the instructions for updating the firmware … have i broken my drive? :sad:

lol, any help at all? :doh:

I can flash it back to an older version, would u recomend flashin it back to my original version or maybe 1 back (A302)? I can only find the older files on LG’s american site, would i be able to use these files? (im from the UK)

lil help pls :o

Performance… Check first that DMA is enabled!!