GSA-T10n TM02

Hi guys, what’s up (td certo?, novidades) ??
I’ll like to know where I can find LG GSA T10N TM02 Firmware to used with MCSE… I’ve already browsed into Google and I didn’t find it…

Keep in mind that it is not clear if these firmwares are for IDE Master/Slave or Cable Select drives. LG might also use a generic firmware, using a IDE config data stored in the drives eeprom.

:cop:Using the wrong firmware can make your drive useless.:cop:

I’ve done the changes in the media speed with your software, but the effect for the LG GSA-T10N haven’t appeared. I have a media and it burns in 4x and 8x in default. I’d like to decrease the speed to 2x or 1x. I’ve tried to do it with MCSE, but when i burn, the only speed available is 4x. In another model, I succeed in decreasing the burn speed. What I have to do to obtain the same results with my model?

Why do you want to decrease the write speed to 1x, 2x ? The write quality will not be better.

Cause just this way my PS2 games work out. If I burn in speed above 4X, they don`t work out. =/

Burning a 8x disk with a strategy of a 2x disk is a bad idea. Try at 4x write speed with the original firmware.
What is the media code of the disks you use ?

My dvd is phillips (the brand is phillips)

I have only that firmware TM02 version. Where can I found the original one I’ve looked for it in the LG site and didn’t find.
PS: I’ve tested with another LG model with the original firmware. I’ve burnt in 4x and the game didn’t run. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Dvd Decrypter:

Disc Information:
Status: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 2.297.888
Free Space: 4.706.074.624 bytes
Free Time: 510:40:38 (MM:SS:FF)
Supported Write Speeds: 4x

Pre-recorded Information:
Manufacturer ID: CMC MAG. AM3

[QUOTE=bartolomeu;1932452]Cause just this way my PS2 games work out. If I burn in speed above 4X, they don`t work out. =/[/QUOTE]

Wrong assumption about the speed, the futile myth still lives… :Z

I usually use high quality medias and burn at 4X and it doesn’t work out. Other types of media that I’ve burnt at 2X
work out perfectly to my applications. Do you believe it?..So I can’t.

I’ve visited some foruns and I found out some person with the same problem and no resolution…Unfortunitly I don’t
know how to make programs in low nivel to make this changes and I belive that you’re able to create this software.
I’ve already had this problem before, my burns at 4X doesn’t work out, I fix with MCSE (my device was a LG-4167B and
the media was a RITEKG05, that I burnt on speed of a RITEG04), but unfortutly this model I can’t nice result. I found
a firmware to this problem, unformtutly it was for Pionner.


2x for all (Pionner)

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