GSA-T10N capabilities?



I need a DVD writer for my laptop, I’m looking at the LG GSA-T10N with great interest, but some places are saying it supports some formats, other places are saying it supports others. Does anyone have a definitive list of what formats and speeds this drive supports?

Also, does anyone know of any decent laptop drives that support Lightscribe?


I just got my hands on one of these buggers, and I’m having a difficult time reading and Detecting +R +RW media. It seems to be ok with -R -RW discs, but I was hoping that it would work easily with both.

The two +R media that I have is the generic Staples brand of DVD+RW and Maxell DVD+RW’s

It reads my Sony DVD-R’s and Staples DVD-RW’s just fine.

Google’ing around, there’s not much info on this drive other than specs. It’s supposed to support DVD-+R -+RW -+R DL and DVD-RAM. I don’t have any DL or DVD-RAM discs to try out. :frowning: