GSA-H73N and bitsetting



ok I have been going crazy trying to make this badboy change its booktype on DVD+RDL to DVD-ROM. I have tried to force the booktype but with no luck. I tried using a program I read on here Bitset and no luck.

Anyone else got this drive and know if i can do it. Also would I be able to crossflash to another drive that supports this?



think it got it figured out. i believe i was using bitset incorrect… will report back after this burn. at least I believe it did set to DVD-ROM.


Small question. reason I needed to figure out how to burn in DVD-ROM is because the drive I’m burning the disks for only reads DVD-ROM ** wink wink** I tried last night with different sources of images/.iso I wanted to burn but almost all programs I used just wouldn’t work. it would give errors before it even burned.

once I used the bitset program I noticed that when i tried to burn again under the lable ImgBurn said DVD-ROM instead of the discs original lable. tried it on the drive and boom it worked!!! just tried that disk and all is smooth…

soooo if anyone is having issues and cant change the book type with there drive then you could try this and it hopefully will work for you too…


Check out the abilities of imgburn and discover them. :wink:


does anyone know if this drive could be crossed flashed?