GSA-H62N Communication CRC Error

Hello to everyone, I got a problem when I do the benchmark test with my h62n. The test doesn’t finish and a box appears saying : Error! LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION CRC ERROR (ULTRA-DMA/32). Can somebody tell me what’s wrong? My mainboard is an MSI 661FM2-LSR.



This type of error is related to data I/O between the drive and the SATA controller.

Verify the sata cable ( conections , possible damage ) and the power cable of the drive.

Just another guess. Is your power supply overloaded ? ( too much periferals or an recent upgrade of processor or another hard disk )

Well, my power supply has 580w 4 PATA and 1 SATA connectors (my LG drive is connected to the SATA connector). I have included some pictures about the drive and my system. The Hard disks are both Seagate, one 80GB IDE and 160GB SATA.

Is your SATA controller configured as IDE or RAID mode ? this can affect the compatibility because RAID controllers doesn’t like optical devices.

It appears that is configured as RAID mode but I cannot find any option to change it to IDE mode. Any ideas? Thanks.

I installed the drive on another computer and it works fine. The problem seems to be that my mainboard doesn’t support SATA IDE mode. I can burn fine at 4x but if I burn at higher speed, the error will appear and I will have a coaster :a. Thanks anyway.

Try to find a BIOS update for the motherboard.

[QUOTE=chef;1947355]Try to find a BIOS update for the motherboard.[/QUOTE]

I have searched for a BIOS update but I have the latest version already installed (1.20) also I tried updating the SiS SATA RAID Drivers but I still have the problem.:sad: