GSA-H62L: Pressed DVD-ROM speed

My ND-3540A died yesterday, and luckily I found the GSA-H62L on sale for $50. It doesn’t do PI/PIF error scanning, but based on what I read the write quality is so good that it doesn’t matter basically. Plus I only use good media like Verbatim or TY.

Anyway, I’m really disappointed in the read speed of pressed DVD-ROM’s, particularly dual-layer. 5x? Are you kidding me? SATA is nice, and I only want to have one drive in my case because it’s very small. I would hate to put in my old BTC DVD-ROM IDE drive.

Will there be custom firmware that allows this drive to rip at full speed?

When a firmware for the H62L is released, a riplock patch can be applied to it via MCSE. It bumped my H42L@H44L up from 5X to ~9X or so, but you’ll have to wait a while.

~9x for dual layer? Still not 12x, but oh well.

How long do you think this will take to be released?

This pretty much sums the situation up.

I bought the H42L when it was fresh out, just like the H62L is now, and it took LG about a month or two to release an update. You may as well install that BTC for the time being.

Lite-On sells a SATA DVD-ROM drive for like $20… maybe I should get one of those.

How good are these LG drives at reading discs that are a bit scratched? If it’s anything like, say, the ND-2500A, I shouldn’t even be caring about this as I will need a dedicated ripper anyway :slight_smile:

They say that liteons have great error correction and ability to read dodgy discs but my LGs are both better readers than my liteon, so to answer your question, yeah the LGs are pretty good for reading bad discs.

Anything that surpasses Lite-On in reading bad/scratched/etc discs is quite impressive to say the least. If only there was better firmware out today and not a month from now. :smiley:

IMHO Liteon drives are good readers for scratched/bad discs. I have no need to apply mcse to my LG drives since I have a Liteon 18x dvd burner that rips fast enough for me. I also have Liteon 167T dvdroms as well to do ripping. :wink:

How exactly do you apply the patch (once the fw is available)?

Load it into MCSE. You’ll see a ‘increase read speed’ checkbox. Check it, and save the firmware. Then, the firmware’s patched and ready to be loaded onto the drive.

There’s not a way I can dump the current firmware and apply the patches, then re-flash?