I’ve got one of these on order from the Egg.

Did I just shoot myself in the foot?

As long as you dont burn at 20x then you should be alright. To be honest with you there are many other LG burners better than this one. But it should burn well @ 8 and 12x in my experience.


I hope it isn’t bad, because it’s on the truck.

It can’t be much worse than the NEC 3550A that I’ve got now.


No its not a real bad drive. Its one of the first 20x drives available and is one of the fastest too. The problem with this drive is it does not follow the normal LG code of quality. Most LG H** series drive are all awesome in quality even at high speed. But when burning at 20x the quality is questionable on most media. Only TY media seems to sustain a good result.

But if you use good media and burn at say 12x or 16x max you should get great burns im guessing.

I think it will burn better than the 3550a. But keep this drive for a reader as the LG is really slow for this. :bigsmile:

Here is the H55N thread, take a look:

Thanks for the link…unfortunately for me I started reading it after I bought the drive…one bonehead move, but a cheap one if the drive turns out to be rubbish.

The 3550A is excellent at reading disks, even ones that have the surface quality of brushed concrete. Too bad it’s so loud and bad at writing.

Will I be able to disable Riplock on this drive with MCSE?

Not with official firmware that i have tried to do it with. If TDB were to release a patch then yes it should be possible.

If you do find away please let me know as i would do it to my H55N drive. :iagree:

I got it today and have been playing with it, but only on my crap Imation MBIPG101R05’s since I am out of anything else. So far it does a much better job at rattling off these crappy discs than my NEC 3550A does…which isn’t really saying anything since the NEC unit is such crap at writing to begin with.

There’s no Riplock patch and the fact that this drive is nothing special are good reasons for anyone to pass on this drive and get something better.