Seems to be LG’s 20x writer!
Someone heard of that drive?

seems to be real. Just found that datasheet on a online shop

First shop:

voraussichtl. Liefertermin 09.03.2007


Die Ware ist voraussichtlich ab 09.03.2007 wieder verfügbar.

EDIT: i would say it has a Panasonic chipset, just because of some specs.

So in three weeks we should have it in Germany.

EDIT: Yeah, the H50N has already a Panasonic chipset.

Hm, i wonder why there stands, that max. Datarate when writing is “24,93 Mbytes/s”. Thats only 18x.

Maybe a mistake? Maybe they just took the H50N specs sheet and added the 20x.

You are right. 20x is something like 27 Mbytes/s. Maybe its just a misprint in the specification sheet.

Would not be the first time. On the Homepage there is always something false in the specifications of the drives. ^^

Looking at the specs we have Z-CLV and CAV for DVD+/-R so I guess that is not RENESAS chipset. Maybe a new panasonic based drive.

Definitely a Panasonic chipset based drive!
I wonder if we get a H65 in April. A SATA version of the N55 would be nice. :clap:
Who will be the next one with a 20x drive, Samsung? I assume the Japanese brands will not jump on that wagon so fast.

Very nice. Maybe sub 4:40min would be possible. :wink:

You know LG they are some fast mofo’s :bigsmile:

SecurDiscâ„¢ technology

Yeah fast mofo but kinda boring drive. :bigsmile:

Some shops mention SecurDisc, which could be an interesting technology.
Now that Plextor (and their SecuRec) is no more, it seems that finally another drive manufacturer, together with Nero (known for bloatware :(), jumps on the wagon.

LGs with Panasonic chipsets are good. They don’t have the jitter problem (if scanned with BenQ), and burn CD-R with CAV and not Z-CLV. :slight_smile:

EDIT: [B]Sen [/B]beat me by a minute :bigsmile:

Yes, maybe. I wonder which speed the H55N will reach. Because the liteon did not reach 20x speed, just 19.6 or something like that.

Yes, thats good. But the slow 4x-8x Z-CLV burning speeds arent that good.
And also H12N with Renesas can read DVDRW with 13x speed instead of just 12x ^^

Hm, in 8 days it should be available, but nothing new yet? :frowning:

There also will be GSA-E40N/L external drives. But 18x, so maybe just a H42

Isit in Germany yet?

Well, it’s here, but prices are somewhere between € 55 and € 75… :frowning:

No, i just read:

SecurDisc wird erstmals im LG Super Multi Modell GSA-H55N implementiert, das Anfang April auf den Markt kommen soll und voraussichtlich eine Schreibgeschwindigkeit von 20x (DVD-R/+R) bieten wird. Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung beträgt 59 Euro.

So seems it is available in April :frowning:
Press Release

On LG Homepage in Press Releases there are some nice fake images of H55L ^^

When you look at the Picture you see its a GSA-4167B ^^


Its Retail, with beige and Black bezel

Great. Looking forward to 20x burns & scans. :stuck_out_tongue: