GSA-H55N problem writing to DVD-RAM

Hello all,
Sorry to ask a question that’s probably been done to death many times before… but here goes.
I’m running Windows 2000 Pro SP4 and have a recently-purchased H55N.
The problem I have is that, while I can read (drag & drop or copy/paste in Explorer) from my RAM disks, I cannot write to them. When I try to drag and drop a file to the disk I get a “Cannot copy <<file>>: Invalid MS-DOS Function” dialog box.
I have installed drivers from a previously downloaded zip file (from a link somewhere on this forum that looked promising) << >>, but this has not seemed to make any difference.

The annoying thing is that I’ve only recently upgraded my HDD (and this DVD drive) from a smaller HDD and older LG drive (perhaps it was a 42N?), and that worked just fine for me - but, having re-installed the OS, I can’t remember what I had to do to get that to work properly 18 months or so ago!

Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

My recollection is that you need something like this. With a little more digging you should be able to find the Win 2000 version.

Welcome to the forum.

You appear to have the correct Panasonic driver for Win2K. If the drive has been picked up by the driver, you will see a new drive showing in “my computer”, and that’s the one you use for writing. You need to go to device manager and select the LG. Right-click and select update driver. Tell it to show a list of known drivers, and switch to the RAM driver. That should do it. The H55N is not part of the Win2K drive list, so you will need to add it in the above way. In WinXP, it’s all automatic.

Thanks for the response, folks. I’ll give it a try tonight/over the w/e and report back.

Just to clarify:

In Win2K, the driver uses an “.inf” file with a list of supported drives. If your drive is not in the list, it won’t hook up. The H55N is not in the list, cause the driver is pretty old. The above technique will add the drive to the list and you should be all set. You can also modify the .inf file manually to add the drive, but it’s a whole lot more work.

In WinXP, the driver works very differently, and will hook up any drive that the OS sees as a RAM drive.

Just to let you know that I followed the procedure that you (CDan) recommended in post #3, I have a new “Removable Disk” and it now works perfectly!

I’m writing to the RAM disk like a good’un. It may be slow, but it’s great for automated backups.

Many thanks for your help.