GSA H55N not reading dvd+r burned on vista (LG GSA-H55N)



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H55N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi guys I’m new to this forum. As the title suggests, I am not able to read dvd+r data disk i burned on vista using nero 7 using the same drive. I tested the disk on my laptop which is running XP and it worked. I reformatted my computer and installed windows XP pro and tested the disk but it did not work. I also have my ASUS motherboard driver dvd-rom which would not work too. I have come across people with the same problem on the forum but could not find a way to fix this. Help please!




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What media [blank discs] are you using? What write speed? Did you install anything on your desktop that you didn’t on your laptop? What laptop drive do you have?


Can the drive read -R media or other brands of +R media?


Nope. No dvds work on it. I kept inserting and removing the asus disk for about six times at at the last time, it actually worked! I removed it and inserted it again and it won’t work again. wierd. I tried burning a song to imation dvd+r’s at all burn speeds to each (i have plenty of dvds). After burning i tried everyone but as expected, they don’t work. I tried them on my asus W5F and they worked! I’m sure there are people with the same problem as I do.


Hmm Potterhouse (a computer part e-retailer in Singapore) just contacted me that they would be sending me the latest LG dvd drive they have as they did not have the GH20LS10 but still charge me $55 (Sing Dollars)! Hopefully I wouldn’t have the same problem with my new drive. If I do i would suspect my generic 450W PSU isn’t performing well enough.

EDIT: I suspect they would be sending me a GH22LP20 instead of the GH20LS10


My laptop has hardly any programs. No Nero 7, steam, MagicISO (the version for mounting images only)


Ok, just installed the GH22LP20 and it works great! I could use my asus driver dvd and my data dvd+r’s! My advice to the people who had my problem is to buy another drive.


Good for you.