GSA-H55N Cant unpack firmware 1.05



after i unpack the file from lg’s website, i get the .exe installer. from there id like to extract the bin so i can run mcse. i did the same process to the 1.02 firmware some months ago. the problem is no matter what extention i name it- .zip .tor .rar .7z or leave it .exe it wont unpack. i tried using winrar, 7z, and winzip. i always get a message like “ Unexpected end of archive” is there something im missing or could someone just send/link me the .bin already unpacked. thanks for your help


Check this :

Or use right click file and use winRar.


wowesrs, the only way i could extract it was with right click using winrar with it renamed to .zip. if i actually loaded it into the winrar interface it would always say something along the lines of it not being a legit compressed file. how odd. appreciate your help.



no problems here with 7-zip 4.56 beta.

EDIT: Oooops! I am getting only a .bin file, no separate flasher :confused: