GSA-H55 : Is Anyone else having trouble reading pressed DVD's with this drive

Hi. I bought a new GSA-H55NK about a month or so ago but I never got around to giving it a thorough workout until now. I’d used to the read and burn CD’s (no problems) and to read and burn DVD-R’s (again no problems) but up until a few days ago I hadn’t even put an original pressed DVD into it. :o

Anyway it can hardly read any pressed DVD’s at all. When I put them in there is just lots of seeking noise but most of the time the disc is not even recognized. On some discs it recognizes but wont spin up and only one or two dics can it actually read (but at slow speed, 2x to 4x max in nero cdspeed). BTW, these are not scratched or abused DVD’s, these are pristine originals, some of which I just opened the shrink wrap on today. :frowning:

Clearly my drive has a problem and I should RMA it (well I sincerely wish I could but I seem to have lost the receipt), but what I was wondering is if this is a weakness in general of this model. Has it been reported as a weak reader or is it just my unit here?

BTW. It burns my DVD-R’s really nicely and has no problems with CD’s either (pressed CDROM’s reads fine and CD-R read/write no problems). I find this a really strange problem that it can both read and burn DVD-R perfectly well but can hardly read any pressed DVD-ROM’s at all. Does anyone have any insights into this problem?


No replies so I take it that this is not a common problem then. Oh well if I don’t find my receipt to return this one then I’ll just have to use it strictly as a writer only. Will have to put it into a computer that has an existing DVDROM drive to use as a reader.

THE LG DRIVES are known for their slow read speed
first go to and get version 1.06 of your firmware
the U.S.A. site seems to be down so choose Canada if your in
N.America save the file to your computer

Now you have 1 or 2 options:
install firmware as is or go for the gusto with
MediaCodeSpeedEdit link@ top of forum

I have flashed 4 LG drives w/this program
it puts the SUPER in multi-drive:iagree:

Thanks evill, but I’d already updated to 1.06 (was originally 1.05 as shipped) but it made no improvement. The problem here is not so much slow reading as not reading at all, this is a broken drive. Strange however that it still reads burnt DVD’s ok and still writes DVD-R ok (haven’t tried DVD+R but I’m guessing they will burn ok too). It seems strange to have such a major problem reading pressed DVD-ROM’s but no other issues.