Gsa-h54n DVD

I have just installed a new LG DVD COMBO GSA-H54N. When I put a CD in the screen decides to go all garbled. You can read it clearly for awhile but when you try to run a cd / dvd in it screen gets garbled. I have set the dvd to slave … the master set to hardrive. When I put in an old cd player out of another computer in runs fine.

I have checked to see if it recognizes the new dvd …it does it cmos. It looks for new hardware when booting but then tells me it may run improperly because the software is installed properly. I have tried setting it to cable select does not help. Sometimes it will be fine with a regular cd but not often.

I set the region setting on it did not help.

I guess it does not need drivers from what Ive been told. I took it back to where I bought it . They put it in a computer and it fuctioned perfectly the jumper I noticed was set to master. So it was connected separately not as I have it running as a slave off of my hardrive . I believe Ive instaleed all that needs to be instaleed off the cd fom my mother board. It is running on board video with n video drivers …any ideas help !!


Well I have resolved the issue. After trouble shooting a bit I found it to be my cable was the problem. Although new it was a folded and crinkly and could have been just a bit longer although making the stretch barely from the board to the hard drive to the dvd. I think maybe the crinky twisted condition it was in as well as being a bit short caused some connection and bandwidth problems putting a bit of pulling away pressure at the connection points. A new cable that was a tad longer was all I needed.

thanks for the info :slight_smile: