I am looking for a DVD-writer to replace a defective DVD-ROM in a Dell PC.

I have these choices in Toronto:

  1. GSA-H50N ($39 CAN)

  2. GSA-H22N ($36 CAN)

I will probably get the H50N since it’s newer model. What do you think? What kind of chipset is H50N using: Panasonic or Renasas ?

I think H50N is a Panasonic one.
But I would go with H22N.
Try H22L, for LightScribe.

No, i read in other thread that the H50N is just a H42N sold in Canada, so it has a Renesas chipset.

No. H50N is Panasonic based drive. It is the sucessor of H22N increasing support for more 18x medias and support for 10x DVD+R DL.


In other thread people are saying that shops from CANADA and not from USA are selling H50N.

Hm, ups, then sorry. I looked in that thread 2 day ago, but maybe i only read the last post :-/

Thanks. Since H50N is the sucessor of H22N, I should buy the H50N sicne they are almost the same price.

Well, in in germany the H55N will be available at 26.03.2007 according to some online shops. So that would be a choice too ^^

I agree. H55 may be best option for upgrade. See first impressions about the lightscribe version of the drive here and here

What are the differences between H50N and H55N?