GSA H44: How to remove the tray?

Hi to all!

I want to remove the tray of my GSA-H44 to replace it with the one of a LG DR09-2.

But I don´t know how to outwit the locking mechanism of the tray, that prevents the tray from being fully removed.

Has anyone already replaced the ( perhaps broken) tray of an LG-burner ? :slight_smile:


Ok, i found out.

There are 2 plastic “noses” on the lower surface of the tray that hit 2 plastic lids at the chassis.

Just twist the tray by pressing it gently down in the middle so the lids are not hit anymore.

But: The trays of GSA-44 and DR09 may not be interchanged, however. Though they look identical at first glance… :frowning: