GSA-H42N Reads DVD's but nothing else


I just installed a GSA-H42N (and a GSA-22N) and have the same problem with both: Windows recognises the drives but the drives will only read DVD’s. Cd-Roms and music CDs are ignored.

I had thought the problem might be that I was using a DMA40 cable and needed a DMA80. Well, I was wrong. New cable, old problem.

Being somewhat clueless about troubleshooting - previous drives were simply plugged in and worked - is there an obvious solution to this problem or should I just give up in despair?


Welcome to the forum, Martin! :slight_smile:

To find out whether this is a hardware or OS problem, can you boot off an OS CD with the H42N?

You may have to enter the PC’s BIOS settings first to change the boot sequence, so it boots off the DVD rather than the HDD :slight_smile:

The os disk was completely ignored during the reboot. Alas :frowning:

[QUOTE=ukgay;2061425]The os disk was completely ignored during the reboot. Alas :-([/QUOTE]

You definitely had it set in the BIOS to boot from your LG?

If so, that doesn’t look good. :frowning:

Yes. Had it set to boot first from the CD. Guess I should just toss 'em?


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