I’m sooo confused by the LG product line…

Their latest LightScribe drive seems to be the GSA-H42LI, but it only seems to be available from Best Buy?

Why is Best Buy the only one who has it?

Also, there is no mention of this drive anywhere on the LG USA or LG Global sites. They still seem to show the GSA-H22L drive as the latest, but that model doesn’t appear to be available any more.

I was hoping to read about the H42LI drive here, but no one has mentioned this drive in any threads. What’s up with that?

I did see some threads on the H22L drive (such as this one), and they tend to say the drive is crap.

Does anyone know if the H42LI is better?

Edit - There is a problem with the forum… I tried multiple times to change the title of this thread from “Gsa-h42li ??” to “GSA-H42LI ??” and every time I click “Save Changes” it goes right back to “Gsa-h42li ??”. I tried putting an extra ? and then it just changes it to “Gsa-h42li ???”. Frustrating!! :doh:

I think my 22L is better than my old 4163 even at 18x using TY.
It is one of the best drives I have ever seen.

I am curious about this H42LI drive too. It shows as Vista compatible on the BB website.

I tried the Lite-On LH-20A1H with my new Vista 64-bit install and the LH-20A1H choked and was inoperable. Lite On claims MS is working on driver update.

Thus I seek a compatible Vista 64-bit unit that has Lightscribe.

This drive is working great, except for the read speeds.