GSA-H31N wont recognize blank dvds



It doesnt do anything when i insert a blank dvd in even when i click on the drive in the My Computer window. It doesnt run autoplay at all either for any disc. I have to click on the drive in My Computer for it to run. I have Vista and the firmware for the burner is B110 A04. The driver is just says cdrom.sys. I dont cant figure out why it doesnt work.


Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed on your PC?

If so, a setting may need to be changed.


There is nothing on a blank dvd or cd to recognize…


i have magic iso and power iso.


Hi guys - did you manage to find a fix for this?
I have the same problem - same model of DVD burner. I can burn CD’s (when I insert a blank CD the autorun box comes up) but nothing happens when I insert a blank DVD.
I’ve uninstalled Daemontools and Magicdisk and still have the same problem.
Nero asks me to insert a blank DVD when there’s already one in the drive.
Any help would be much appreciated