Gsa-h31n PLZ PLZ PLZ Help

hi all i really need some help. I just got a gsa-h31n dvd -rw and it only reads cd roms(not dvd-roms). After looking on the internet i found that its the firmwire on the drive. iv up dated it to b110 but i can’t find any newer up dates. Also on your forum it says to do this

This is a DELL OEM drive actual with firmware B110.

I used WINFLS6X.EXE as flash program I found in H22N_101.ZIP

RPC1 Firmware - 1.01 Windows.

and extracted the file (using 7zip) resulting in a .bin file I used with the above flash program.

Now it´s a GSA-H30N. I haven´t tried burning any disc yet but reading discs and playin DVD works…

but i cant find these files. Can someone plz plz help me