GSA-H22N sudden read and write speed drop

I’ve had my GSA-H22N drive for about three weeks now and up until a few days ago, everything was going well; my read speed was a pretty consistent 6-7 KB/s and my read speed would often keep at its media set max (ex. My Verbatim DL media burned at 6x).

Inexplicably, this week my drive has been acting up. ALL DVDs are being read now at less than 2.4x (usually around 2.0x) and my writing speed drops way down and fluctuates between 1.4x-1.8x. I used to burn 6x with the same exact DL media and now it’s dropped down to less than half of that! On top of that, the IMGBurn buffer has become incredibly sporadic while burning, often moving from 100% to 0% and back to 100% every few seconds.

Anybody have any ideas about what has happened? What could cause such a sudden and drastic drop in performance? I’ve been out of the house for most of the week so I can’t think of any major change that has been done to the PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Check your DMA settings.

Thanks for the welcome.

Unfortunately, it looks like all of my drives are set to DMA.

This huge speed drop has become incredibly frustrating as it now takes upwards of an hour to read a DVD and another hour to write a DL DVD.