GSA-H22N and problems writing DVD-RAM



Hello everybody,
this is my first post in this forum and I want to talk about my experiences with my brand new GSA-H22N.

The Drive ist produced in July 2006 and updated to the firmversion 1.01.
Chipsets are MN103SD2GSA and AN22117A.

I have the following problem:

I used my LG GSA-4082B (A208) with no probs to format my DVD-RAMs for my Standalone-Recorder in UDF 2.0 Format. Then I copy a special RTAV-Folder what increases the Recording-Time for example from 4 hours in LP-Mode to 4:21.
Copy and Paste and Format of UDF 2.0 wonderful an simple with Panasonics DVD-RAM-Tool. The GSA-4082B is on a usb to ide-interface.

Actual drivers are:

meiudf.sys - Ver
Formatierdienstprogramm (DVDForm) - Ver
Schreibschutz-Tool (WPTool) - Ver
RAM-Hilfswerkzeug(RAMASST) - Ver

I read the DVD-RAM-Records of the Panasonic DMR-E53 with no problems an can cut and transfer them with Panasonics DVD-MovieAlbum.

It was so easy. I thought, it was time for a new Double/Dual Layer Recorder. So I bought the GSA-H22N.

Unfortunately I have a couple of problems with DVD-RAM-Writing on the new H22N with the same configuration as the old GSA-4082B.

  1. Formatting: it needs a very long time for a Quick Format.
  2. The formatted Drives are readable but I can’t write on it.
  3. The input signal delay is very long according to the GSA-4082B.

Has someone a idea why this config doesn’t work or the same problems?
Is there another DVD-RAM-Program from LG to fix the problem?

P.S.: No Nero InCD installed.



I wonder why but since I reflashed from firm 1.01 rpc1-Version to the original 1.01-Version i found in the forum, my problems seems to be gone.
Another reason could be, that I deactivated the IMAPI-Service from the Standard MS-CDROM-DRIVER.

Yesterday, I tested the drive with the rpc1-firm on it, on an Suse Linux 10 System and I had the same problems with the drive: write-problems, freeze etc.

I will test it today with the original firm 1.01 and will write down here my experiences.


I tested now again with the original firm 1.01 on Suse Linux 10 as an internal drive:
GSA-H22N as Master (UDMA 66), Toshiba 1712 (UDMA 33) as Slave both on Second IDE. No Problems now on Writing on DVD-RAMS, Formatting DVD-RW or on-the-fly rewriting from LG to Toshiba-Drive with K3b! :slight_smile:

Could it be that the “CPRM-Fix” in the Dangerous Brother-Version was the reason for my problems???