Gsa-h22l prob

O.k. you probly heard this one before…I can only burn @ 4x with memorex 16 x.

when I start up nero and I click {burn a image to disk} it comes up with a reply…
Nero DMA manager saying that its not in dma mode do you want to enable…
so i click yes
it shows both of my drives and there both checked as dma enabled…
but I can’t click o.k because the o.k is blanked out for some reason.

So i went to the device manager and to ide ata/atapi controllers {nforce 2 mobo}
it was set to let bios select tranfer mode…
so i unchecked it so it would say ultra dma 4 ultra66.

but nero still says it not in dma mode and it still burns @ 4 times.

some suggestion please and thanks :bow:

Look at the above FAQ and make sure you have an 80 wire cable. Also get rid of any nForce IDE drives and go back to the MS version.

Welcome to the forum.

is an 80 wire cable something new…i’m pretty sure i do. i’ve read the faq before i posted.

80 Wire is not realy new but a lot of 40 wire cables are still out there. There are two basic reasons speed will be limited; the hardware is limiting it or the firmware does not recognize the media ID. As your system won’t go into DMA, the problem is either in your Windows install or the cable. As you have tried to re-set DMA, the odds are it is now a wire problem.

O.k. I reinstalled the windows ide controllers…and I don’t get the DMA error in nero anymore…but it still only burns at 4 times.

I did build my system 2 or 3 years ago from scratch with new ide cables that are round instead of flat.

I am going to test my next burn with the cables that came with the burner though.

I’ll let you no what happens.

thanks for the help :iagree:

Well I fixed my problem…this is why computers will make you drink and swear.
It was the media…

I bought 25 memorex 16x {my ass} at furture shop. maybe thats why they were so cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:
I bought 100 memorex 16x the excact same media at a different store…decided to try it just in case…and wouldn’t ya know it, it worked…for @%@% sakes.

now for that %$#@en drink :sad: :o :eek: :Z

Just for reference - the Memorex media at Futureshop was probably made by a different manufacturer to the new ones that work.

Memorex uses many different manufacturers for their media, then just slap their name on the discs and packaging.

Glad you found some that worked, though :slight_smile: