GSA-H22L & GSA-H12L good readers?

How good are LG’s GSA-H22L and GSA-H12L when reading video DVD-ROMs? I’m looking for a very reliable device.

They are both very slow readers of DVD5 and DVD9 video discs, but relatively fast with data discs.

H12N firmware can be patched with MCSE to increase reading speed to at least 12x CAV in all cases [16x CAV in most].

I don’t have enough information to judge how good they are with marginal-quality or scratched discs, if that is what you mean by reliability. I don’t remember either one failing to read a disc but they are not my primary readers.

Can I ask you what you use as your primary reader? I maid a bad experience with my LitOon 18A1H.

I mostly use a BenQ DW1640 or DW1655 because they are fast, especially with MCSE-patched firmware [DW1650 is a similar drive, too]. Sometimes an 18A1P, sometimes an external PX-716A.

I don’t think 18A1P/H is noticeably inferior to BenQs in its reading capabilities.

My18A1H has problems reading perfectly virgin video DVD-ROMs which are working on standalone players and my older NEC 3500, 20% of DVD-ROMs are not working.