GSA-H20N RPC2 101Firmware Version/ can't read any media help please

my drive is less than a year old and is seldom used now it cannot identify my Blank Medias and it only reads 1 disk my Original Windows XP Home CD and nothing else … i tried cleaning it with a Lens Cleaner but still the same what seems to be the problem?? please help me as i have ran out of ideas already … my second LG DVD same thing happened to my first drive … and i fried that drive ahehehhe

I´m having the same problem. I could´nt solve this at recorder but I got a workaround at least to burn my dvds. It can seems ridiculous but worked to me so please try it and tell me if works with you too. When you start the burn and receive message requesting you insert the empty media on drive bring the media near your mouth and blow on it (in record surface) until it becomes lustreless then insert it on recorder. Incredible but it worked for me on almost every times.