I have big trouble with this drive, and since I have no clue what so ever about DVD drives I thought that I could write here and se if I could get some help here.

The drive reads CD’s perfectly, doesn’t read DVD’s at all.

Should I set the DVD drive as master or as slave?

Could it be that the drive it self is broken?

Welcome to forum, Frankemj.

It’s very important to have your computer in a very good siyuation before blaiming your new drive, Check if you have DMA enabled for this drive, and if you have Nvidia chipset try to have only Windows drivers (sometimes nVidia make some problems with thier IDE drivers).
And is also possible to have a damaged drive.

How do I chech if I have DMA enabled for the Drive?

In a basic setup where you don’t have multiple drives, the Hard drive is Primary Master and you should connect the DVD drive as Secondary Master for best performance, but this could hardly affect the drives ability to read DVD discs.

OKay checked for DMA (when I found out what it was :D) and all is good? So I pretty much don’t understand wtf is wrong with the drive :frowning: